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The Week in Quotes: May 16th - 22nd

Photo by Peter Lockley for <a href="">Sherdog</a>
Photo by Peter Lockley for Sherdog


"I’ve been asked if it’s been difficult finding workout partners like my opponent who is 280 pounds with 4-percent body fat and gasses-out after 45-seconds. Yeah, my workout partners don’t usually gas-out after 45-seconds." - Tim Sylvia, leading up to his "superfight" with World's Strongest Man winner Mariusz Pudzianowski. Sylvia defeated the Pole when "Pudz" tapped due to strikes in round two. (MMA Mania)

"I knew I could possibly prolong the fight for a little bit longer, but because of my conditioning, or lack of conditioning, I decided there was really no sense to do it, point to do it." - Pudzianowski, who can add "Purple" to his extensive list of monikers. (Sherdog)

"This feels great, man. I’m back. Mariusz Pudzianowski is one helluva tough guy." - Sylvia. You sure? (Moosin)

"Once he failed on the takedowns, I knew I had him." - Sylvia. The complete lack of technique didn't tip you off?

"I consider myself something of a legend in MMA." - Sylvia. Losing to Emelianenko, Nogueira, and Couture within two years is legendary in some way.


"Why you act all cocky and all fake? Be playing with your nipples and act all gay." - Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, insulting Rashad Evans during a conference call for UFC 114. (Cage Writer)

"That's why Queen Mo and you train with each other. He got nipple rings." - Jackson, who had his own spat with "King" Mo Lawal last year.

"I'll put my big balls in your face. Now that sounds gay. My big balls right in your face." - Evans, responding.

"I bet you get an [expletive] from it too." - Jackson. Did Cofield [expletive] the word "erection"? For shame, Steven.

"I probably will. But it'll be okay, cause it'll be in your mouth." - Evans. I'm surprised the UFC hasn't ran with this line of promotion for the event.


"A lot of money and time was put into Mayorga to get this fight to happen. I'm not so sure that [Shine Fights CEO] Devin [Price] would have taken the risk if he thought it would bite us in the butt at the end." - Shine matchmaker Ron Foster, responding to criticisms that the promotion didn't do enough homework when signing Ricardo Mayorga to fight Din Thomas. Boxing promoter Don King successfully passed an injunction through the courts preventing Shine from putting the fight on. (Cage Potato)

"Court is like blackjack — you just never know what you are going to get." - Foster, should have found a better card counter.

"I think that this was 100 percent personal. Don King is a piece of shit and has screwed people over for a living." - Foster

"As far as the replacement, there is no way we could have replaced Mayorga in this fight. Even if we had more time, it would have been better to just drop the fight." - Foster. You mean, you couldn't have had someone on standby to take the fight in case King axed Mayorga?


"The only A-level fighter he's fought is Minowa, and he lost, but he looked good in that fight." - Matt Lindland, sizing up Kevin Casey. "Minowa" and "A-level fighter" probably don't belong in the same paragraph together. (MMA Fighting)

"He's rapping and his claim to fame is hanging out with Spencer Pratt? I mean, I actually feel sorry for the guy." - Lindland

"No more 'Challengers' for me, this [was] Portland Oregon so I was happy to do it, happy to fight for everyone here but I need to be on the Strikeforce shows with the good cards, with the quality opponents and the top guys in the sport." - Lindland. Someone go through Lindland's fight card and tell me the last time he beat a "quality opponent".


"I think it wasn't my takedown defense. I was, in my life, somewhere else maybe." - Gegard Mousasi, on his fight with "King" Mo Lawal. Perhaps somewhere your back? (MMA Fighting)

"He looked like he was in the best shape I’ve ever seen him in, and so I honestly believe I’m going to get the best Chuck we’ve seen in some time." - Rich "Ace" Franklin, on UFC 115 opponent Chuck Liddell. Nothing like needing your opponent to convince the public you're in shape, eh Chuck? (Springfield News Sun)

"When I approached the WEC with that information and asked them, 'What do you guys think?' Basically, they said, 'Well, you know, you have to look out for your family. After 2010, we don't have any guarantee as to what's going to be happening: if we need you, if you'll have a contract.'" - Former WEC ring announce Joe Martinez, who signed a deal with Golden Boy Promotions. And so the WEC brand continues to erode. (MMA Torch)

"Can I guarantee that we won't release him? No, I can't." - Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, on his middleweight champion Jake Shields. (Sports Illustrated)

"Here we have one of the most over-hyped fighters going against one of the most underrated in the heavyweight division." - Todd Duffee, the former, who fights Mike Russow at UFC 114. (

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