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Today on MMA Nation on 106.7 The Fan: Host of ESPN's "Sport Science" John Brenkus, UFC 114 Preview, Scott Christ, Moosin and UWC Recap

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Remember, our new time slot from now on: Sundays 9 to 11pm EST.

Today on "MMA Nation" we'll be joined by the host of ESPN's "Sport Science" John Brenkus. We'll talk to Brenkus about the segment, what they show is attempting to uncover about MMA and what the science of fighting techniques tells us about MMA.

·         Thursday’s BJ Penn segment:
·         Recent Frank Mir segment:
·         Recent Brandon Vera segment:
·         "Sport Science" website:
·         John Brenkus’ Twitter:

We'll also quickly catch with the Managing Editor of, Scott Christ. We'll talk to Christ about last night's Israel Vazquez vs. Rafael Marquez IV.

I'll also recap the results from Strikeforce's Challengers Series Show, Moosin's MMA debut and my experience last night at UWC 8.

Of course, we'll be talking a ton of UFC 114 and taking all of your calls:

-Who is the rightful favorite: Rampage or Rashad?

- How many PPV buys will the show do?

- Does either Rashad or Rampage have a chance against Shogun? Is a Rampage rematch more important for selling the fight?

"MMA Nation" will air tonight 9:00pm EST to 11:00pm EST on 106.7 The Fan. To listen live over the Internet, go to The Fan's website and click "Listen Live".

I'm also on Twitter: @mmanation.

AS A NEW FEATURE: We'll stream the show live over Here's my channel. I'll embed the live stream player in this post when the show begins. If you want to ask a question for us to answer on air, leave a question in the comments section. We'll get to all of them.

"MMA Nation" is also available by podcast on iTunes. For now, iTunes is disabled, but the show will be posted on the station's website soon afterward. I'll be sure to put a post up when they're ready to go. And when we're back on iTunes, I'll put up a link to that as well.

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Talk to you then.