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Savage Truth: Kris McCray's Inside Look Into SpikeTV's "The Ultimate Fighter" Episode 8

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What’s up, everyone? I’m back with another blog post for I wanted to remind everyone that this weekend is UWC 8: Judgment Day at the George Mason Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia. Me, Leonard Garcia and Donald Cerrone will be signing autographs, so come on by, say hi and watch the action. This is where I got my start and it’s important y’all come support those who’ve supported me.

Let’s get started.

I didn’t want to fight someone on my team, but I was too focused. Fight started out and that push to my knee hurt. Badly. It hurt to put even a little weight on it. But it was one of those things where I just couldn’t care. And I was getting moto corner advice from Yager. Uscola stalling in the clinch helped. I got to let the initial pain wearoff while I went to work on his legs. I definitely feel like I won round one, especially with the takedown and ground and pound at the end.

Between rounds Jamie told me to just not stall. To be first. And bodylock takedowns are some of my best. Uscola’s tough, so I knew I had to catch him by surprise and that’s what I think I did. Cross body paintbrushes don’t always finish guys, but I put it on him before he knew how to react.

It felt so good to win. It sounds cliché, but I felt like I had a second lease on life. I also knew I was very lucky to have three fights on the show with very few injuries. My knee was tweaked from the push kick, but it wasn’t hurt so bad that I couldn’t fight hard. That’s all I ever really card about it.

I didn’t know how the next round was going to work, I was just hopeful that I didn’t have to face a friend directly after fighting a teammate. If you look at that math there’s no way to avoid it. The Minority Report was going to be forced to fight itself at some point. I was hoping it would be at a point where it was inevitable and not when other guys were still left.

Nick vs. Court made sense. I thought it was close enough the first time to make another fight. Sure enough, me vs. Kyle was announced. So much for not fighting someone in the Minority Report first round.

Then Brad vs. Seth was announced. I thought Brad would have no trouble winning that one. I wanted Yager to win becaue Yager is my boy.

I don’t know what to make of Nick’s injury. Like I said before, he was training on it long after his fights, but you all heard the doctor. His knee is jacked up. As for not fighting on it, I can’t make decisions for him. If he feels he can’t fight, then hey, that’s how he feels. I’m not saying that’s what I’d do, but it’s not about me, so it doesn’t matter.

Hammortree is a smart cat. I know Joe Henle was pissed about how Hammortee seized the opportunity, but that’s how it goes. To the victor goes the spoils, right?

Court vs. Hammortree was a close fight and I knew either guy could win, but I did wonder how much Hammortree’s injury affected him. Even if it wasn’t physically bothering him the guy had been through a whirlwind.

Court and Hammortree’s fight was good. Hammortree started off strong. He was avoiding Court’s best stuff and it looked like he was waiting for his opportunity. Slowly you could tell Court was taking control. Everything he tried was getting stronger and stronger. Secound round starts and it was over almost right away. Hammortree got so laser focused on that takedown drive he forgot where he was. It sucks, but you can see why winning the show is so hard. You can’t get injured and you can’t make mistakes. Everything has to go your way.

At the end of the day, I felt awakened by that loss. Even though I was a little banged up, I felt better than ever if that makes any sense. I felt ready for anything and anyone.

That’s it for now. Be sure to support the people who support me. Make sure you’re paying attention to Ranger Up, Assassin Industries, Ultimate Warrior Challenge (UWC), Carnal Dammage and Team Lloyd Irvin/Gold Medal Grappling. You can also get at me on my website:

I’ll be back here on next week. I’ll be on Twitter until then. Be Savage.

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