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UFC 114 Preview: Cyrille "The Snake" Diabaté Talks About His UFC Debut Against Luiz Cane

"I have worked hard on my wrestling, to try to fill the gaps that I have in that domain. I'm still working on it because, it's clear today, if you can't wrestle, at this level in MMA it's going to be a problem. But I think my opponents have other things to be worried about."

"[Luiz Cane (10-2)] He's a very interesting opponent, he's aggressive and he comes from a striking background, but I know he also has a good ground game. I know, well I hope, he's going to try and strike with me. When he has trouble with that, I think he's going to fall back to wrestling to try to bring the fight to the ground. I don't think there will be any big surprises when it comes to his strategy. I'm just going to do everything I can to impose my strategy and my style."

"I think that everyone expects a Cyrille [Diabate (15-6-1)] that is going to look to fight standing up. I think I'm going to need to be able to mix takedowns with my striking to be as unpredictable as possible."

"I did all of my preparation here in France with my guys. I think that will be a good advertisement for French MMA and for the Snake Team."

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