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Quote of the Day: Todd Duffee Says He's "One of the Most Over-Hyped Fighters Going Against One of the Most Underrated"

"[Mike] Russow’s (12-1-1) probably the most underrated heavyweight in the division, no question," says the 24-year-old heavyweight. "People tend not to know who he is, but I’ve known about him before he got into the UFC. If you said name three guys that are bad matchups for you, he would undoubtedly be on that list."

"Here we have one of the most over-hyped fighters going against one of the most underrated in the heavyweight division," he says. "I am highly hyped. Am I overrated? I don’t think so. But I’ve been over-hyped by that seven-second knockout.

"Right now this is my one opportunity, my one shot," he continues. "You know, I have a job coming up right now. I don’t have a career. Anybody who thinks I have a career doesn’t really understand what happens in MMA. If I go out and beat Mike Russow I have a start to my career. Everybody talks about their first time in the UFC as their big shot, I didn’t believe that and I still don’t—I think when you fight a formidable opponent, that’s when you find out."

"I heard Floyd Mayweather say it - we may shadow box the same, do this or that the same, but it’s what happens when the fights come on that really matters," he says. "With only six professional fights we can’t say that I’m the second coming or some of the ridiculous stuff that people come up with. I think this Russow fight is really going to determine where I’m at. I don’t think it’s going to determine my career by any means, but it’s going to give people insight into what kind of talent level I have."

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