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Strikeforce Heavy Artillery Results: Roger Gracie Chokes Out Kevin Randleman

Photo by <a href="">Esther Lin</a>
Photo by Esther Lin

The latest and most touted member of martial arts most storied clan to enter MMA in years made, Roger Gracie choked out veteran Kevin Randleman in the second round of their light heavyweight clash at Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery.

The first round saw a remarkable paucity of action with the only notable exchanges being a failed attempt by Gracie to take the fight to the ground and a late punching flurry from Randleman. 

In the second Randleman opened with some good hooks before Randleman answered with a hook of his own. Then Randleman moved in for a double leg attempt that Gracie resisted for some inexplicable reason. Then Gracie caught Randleman with a knee to the face and dropped him. Gracie then quickly got mount and went for an arm triangle that Randleman somehow escaped. But Roger quickly got Randleman's back, established the figure four body lock and worked for a rear naked choke. Randleman fought off the rear naked for a respectably long amount of time before Gracie locked it in and tapped him out.


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