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Shine Fights Cancelled Following Don King's Successful Injunction

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From a tweet by Josh Gross:

Broward Country Circuit Court Judge Marc C. Gold ruled in favor of Don King Productions, granting injunctive relief at 1:20 p.m. ET.

The waiting til the last minute is almost certainly a strategic move by DKP, it leaves Shine no time to try to see what they can do to maneuver around the ruling.  Also, it completely crushes the card as the PPV now has no marquee bout and it sounds like there is no one to step in against Thomas.

...only in America

Update: From another tweet from Gross:

This is gonna get fun now. Shine Fights says they will ignore the injunctive relief and move forward with the fight tonight.

So from the sounds of it, Shine is just going to do the fight anyway and I guess dare King to sue them in the aftermath.

Update 2: More tweets from media figures.  First Loretta Hunt:

Shine rep initially told me the fight would continue, but backed off from it when I pressed. I'm still awaiting official word from Shine.


Shine rep said they are still waiting to receive court's ruling (paperwork) before they make a statement

And more from Gross:

King required to post bond in case the order is reversed. Once that happens, ruling is good. Judge Gold: disobey order, serious sanctions.

Update 3:  Ricardo Mayorga is off the card.  From Karyn Bryant:

Mayorga's out. Ninja Rua vs David Heath is new headliner at Shine tonight. Still lots of good fights going down!

And the show just officially became not worth ordering.

Update 4: Shine fights canceled per Karyn Bryant:

NC commission cancels Shine Fights. Damn damn damn!

I need to hear more of the story to understand why the entire event was canceled by the commission rather than the promotion itself but I'm sure those details will emerge soon.