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UFC Primetime: Rampage vs. Evans Live Discussion (Episode 1)

Remember when Rampage wanted to do the A-Team movie, and Dana didn't want him to, and Rampage really did, and Dana said no, so Rampage "retired" to do the film? Remember how everyone was up in arms, crying, "Oh noes, they took away this fight that some lame reality show built up for 12 weeks!" And remember how cooler heads told you, "Y'all don't worry, this thing will happen eventually."

So yeah, it's happening. And it's getting the royal treatment, too.

The premier episode of "UFC Primetime: Rampage vs. Evans" appears tonight immediately following the Ultimate Fighter. Is Rampage in shape? Has the long layoff eroded his skills? Is Rashad practicing his stanky leg?

Stick with Bloody Elbow following the Ultimate Fighter, and don't forget to check out the previews for tonight's episode.


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