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UFC 112: Invincible - Live Results and Commentary

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As with every major show, will be here to bring you live results and commentary for UFC 112: Invincible.  The live blog will start with the beginning of the FIRST PPV broadcast (at 1PM ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event. 

As always we have our one rule: NO SPOILERS! In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

So again, join us for the show and share your thoughts as the event unfolds.

Note: Bloody Elbow will have live results and post-fight recaps on the front page as they happen. If you plan on waiting for the 10:00pm broadcast to watch the event, I suggest you stay away from all MMA sites to avoid spoilers.

The PPV Broadcast is live.  First fight up shortly.

Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz - Round 1 - Grove using his length early, throwing jabs and a nice knee to the body.  Munoz shoots and gets the takedown.  Grove escapes to his feet but eats a big right hand in the process.  Perfectly timed uppercut by Grove drops Munoz.  Munoz tries to shoot for a single.  Grove now landing big hammerfists, a few of which were to the back of the head.  Munoz still trying to push for the takedown but still can't get it.  They're separated now even though both were working very hard.  Munoz shooting very slowly now.  Grove goes for a choke but Munoz slips out.  Now Munos lands some big punches.  Munoz shoots and gets caught in a guillotine.  They roll and Grove tries to finish the choke from the mount but can't.  The round ends with Grove almost finishing another guillotine.  10-9 round from Grove.  Round 2- Grove times the uppercut well again and now a knee and he has Munoz's back as they go to the ground.  Grove switches from a choke to an armbar and Munoz pulls his arm out.  Now Munoz on top working ground and pound.  A lot of body work from Munoz now.  Now Munoz dives into the top and is landing big ground and pound.  The referee steps in and stops the fight.  Mark Munoz wins by TKO (punches), round 2.

Terry Etim vs. Rafael Dos Anjos - Round 1 - Leg kick by Etim.  Dos Anjos with a flurry of punches that miss.  Dos Anjos shoots in and Etim pulls him into a guillotine choke.  Dos Anjos is trying to just survive and as soon as it loosened up he pulled his head out.  Etim looks for an armbar and Dos Anjos passes to side control. Dos Anjos throws knees to the body and is warned for elbowing (?) to the spine.  He throws another knee and the ref stands them up for knees to the spine.  That was poor reffing.  The communication failure was his fault and it didn't look like they were to the spine.  They go back to the ground and Dos Anjos looks for a heel hook and knee bar before the round ends.  10-9 round for Etim.  Round 2 - Inside leg kick by Dos Anjos early.  And one in return by Etim.  Left hand from Dos Anjos and a spinning back kick from Etim.  Now Etim lands a knee to the face from the clinch.  Dos Anjos catches a leg and goes to the ground in side control.  Dos Anjos tries to pass to mount but gets caught in half guard.  Pass to side control again.  Some punches from Dos Anjos now and a couple stiff elbows.  Pass to full mount now.  Nice hips allow Etim to get back to half guard.  Pass back to side control, now north-south.  Kimura attempt and now switches to an armbar and Terry Etim is forced to tap out.  Rafael Dos Anjos wins by submission (armbar), round 2.

A preliminary bout was shown in which Phil Davis defeated Alexander Gustafsson by first round anaconda choke.

Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie - Round 1- Hughes with a slow kick to the body that misses.  Leg kick by Hughes and Renzo charges forward.  Left hook by Gracie.  Huges does not look right at all.  Very slow and sluggish.  A few more punches land for Renzo and he locks up with Renzo against the cage.  Hughes with some knees to the thigh.  Renzo shoves Hughes off of him and they're back to exchanging at distance.  Leg kick by Hughes again.  Gracie tries to charge in and misses a few punches.  Really the only thing working for Matt here are the leg kicks.  Superman punch from Hughes misses.  Right hand lands for Hughes.  Front kick by Renzo.  The round ends and it was 10-9 Renzo.  Round 2 - A few more early leg kicks by Hughes.  Hughes lands an accidental low blow and they touch gloves and continue.  Renzo with a left hand.  Hughes gets double underhooks and Renzo keeps himself from getting taken down and they're back to standing.  Another leg kick by Hughes.  Hughes with some slow punches and another leg kick.  Body shot by Renzo and another leg kick by Hughes.  Straight right by Renzo lands.  Leg kick from Gracie lands.  Left hand, right hand from Hughes both land.  Another leg kick lands but now that it's starting to look like it's hurting Renzo he isn't using it as often.  There's another one.  Left hand by Renzo lands.  Renzo tries a shot and Matt grabs a guillotine but can't finish and the round ends.  10-9 Hughes and it's an even fight on my card.  Round 3 - Early leg kick from Hughes.  Renzo throwing punches that miss and now they each land a left hand and Hughes with a deep leg kick.  Right hand by Hughes lands and he backs away.  Why you would back away after landing a solid punch I don't know.  Matt pushes him against the cage and now lands a series of hard shots and rather than pounce he backs away.  Hughes comes back in and lands another punch and some more leg kicks.  Another kick/uppercut combo.  Now Hughes lands a kick that knocks Renzo down and he has Hughes help him stand up.  Hughes with another leg kick that drops Renzo.  Hughes makes him stand up again and lands some more leg kicks and uppercuts. Right hand puts Gracie down and he just lays on the ground as Hughes waits for him to stand up.  Another hard leg kick from Hughes.  Left hand from Matt and now he lands a flurry of punches and Gracie is down.  The fight is over.  Matt Hughes wins by TKO (punches), round 3.

B.J. Penn vs. Frankie Edgar - Round 1 - Edgar with a low kick and he looks like he wants to be very quick from the outside.  Left hand lands for Penn.  Leg kick by Edgar and he gets right back outside.  Another leg kick lands.  Left hand lands for Penn again and now a jab.  And another jab.  BJ is stalking and Frankie is looking to get in and out with his speed.  Leg kick lands for Edgar.  Uppercut by Penn.  Edgar went for a single leg and gave up quickly as Penn hit him several times.  Left hand caps off a combination from Penn.  B.J. is starting to see more punches landing.  Penn has a small cut under his left eye.  THe round ends and it was 10-9 Penn.  Round 2 - Edgar tries for a takedown after eating a few jabs but can't get it.  Left hand lands for Penn. Edgar keeps trying to move around but Penn is landing more meaningful punches.  Nice three punch combo from Edgar.  Edgar looks for the takedown and then throws a head kick.  BJ with a nice combination of punches that land.  As Edgar charges in with punches Penn steps back and lands a left hand cleanly.  Edgar grabs a leg and BJ hits the ground for roughly one second before bouncing up.  The round ends and I'd still score it 10-9 Penn.  Round 3 - Short right uppercut lands for Penn.  Edgar misses with a body kick.  Right hand, left hook combination for Penn lands hard.  BJ counters with the left hand.  Right hand by Edgar lands.  Nice combination by Edgar now.  Left hand by Edgar and he's got much better timing working this round.  Double jab for Edgar now.  Edgar shoots and backs away.  Left hand lands for Penn as Edgar is backing up.  Body kick by Edgar lands.  Left hook for Penn.  10-9 round for Edgar makes it 29-28 Penn.  Round 4- Penn working the jab early.  Three punch combo from Edgar misses.  Edgar throws a head kick that misses.  Left hand by Penn glances. Edgar gets in with a nice right hand. Not a ton of action to talk about but Edgar is making it very hard for B.J. to find him.  Nice counter right hand and a jab by Penn.  That right hand was the best punch of the round.  Round will be decided in the last 30 seconds.  Counter left by Penn.  Body punch for Edgar.  Leg kick by Penn.  10-9 round for Penn on my card but VERY close.  Round 5 - Edgar with a takedown and Penn stands back up from underneath him eating a punch in the process.  Head kick from Edgar is blocked.  Left hand by Edgar.  Leg kick by Penn.  Right hand by Penn as Edgar tries to lock up.  Now a left from Edgar.  Right hand by Frankie lands clean.  Kick from Penn is blocked.  Edgar tries for a takedown again and can't finish.  And again.  Now a left hand by Edgar.  Right hand by Penn.  Left hand by Edgar.  Right hand by Penn and the round ends.  10-9 Edgar on my card.  48-47 Penn for the total.  Official Scorecards:  50-45, 48-47, 49-46 all for Frankie Edgar!  Frankie Edgar wins by unanimous decision.  Frankie Edgar is the new UFC Lightweight Champion.

Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia - Round 1 - No action for the first thirty seconds.  Now no action for the first sixty seconds.  Kick to the knee by Silva and it's the only strike that lands in the first 90 seconds.  Low kick by Anderson lands hard and spins Maia around.  Spinning back kick by Anderson just misses.  Right hand by Silva and a few low kicks.  There is just not much happening this round.  Head kick misses for Silva and then a low kick.  Jumps in with a punch and Silva is just clowning around now.  Flying kinee lands for Silva that drops Maia and as Maia scoots forward Silva kicks him in the hand.  The round ends and it was 10-9 Silva, it'd have been 10-8 if he wanted it to be. But there really wasn't enough done.  Round 2 - Silva continuing to clown Maia and there just isn't anything that Demian can do.  Silva could finish this fight whenever he wants but he's just continuing to toy with Maia.  Now some capoeira from Silva and another leg kick.  Maia with a desperation shot and Silva avoids.  Anderson is telling him to stand up with him and daring him to hit him.  Anderson is just tauting him and avoiding any punch he throws.  It's impossible to describe in words the level of taunting that is going on right now by Anderson Silva.  Body kick lands for Silva and then Maia misses a shot.  Leg kicks landing for Silva and now a jab.  And another jab. Right hand lands now.  10-9 Silva.  Round 3 - Left hand for Maia kind of lands.  Anderson with a solid leg kick and Maia is bleeding from the nose from one of the many punches he's taken.  Leg kick again from Silva and we're starting to get into "just finish it" territory.  Anderson is throwing straight kicks at Maia's knee now.  Silva swings and misses so Maia tries to pounce.  It doesn't work and Maia ends up eating a head kick and a few punches before missing a shot.  Left hand from Maia lands solid and Anderson taunts him again.  One, two lands for Anderson.  Punch to the thigh by Anderson.  Left hand lands for Maia again and he's still trying.  Punch lands for Anderson.  This is going far too long.  It's pointless scoring here but that was 10-9 Silva  Round 4 - Left hand lands flush for Maia.  Anderson is just backing up and circling this round.  Big punch misses for Maia and finally Silva throws a body kick that lands. This fight is boring and should have been over in the first round but Anderson Silva just does not care.  Maia chants in the crowd now.  Leg kick lands for Silva.  GSP chants in the crowd.  One minute left.  Anderson is circling away and not engaging so he complains that Maia isn't engaging him.  You know what?  The best strike of that round was Maia's left hand.  Screw it.  10-9 Maia.  Round 5 -Maia blew his nose and his left eye is shut now. Dana White went and yelled at Anderson Silva's corner.  This is a shameful fight.  Absolutely shameful. Anderson looks like he's running at this point.  As Maia comes forward he lands a series of clean punches.  Now Maia is throwing punches at him from his knees.  Maia is losing but he's the one fighting like a champion in this fight.  I'm legitimately disgusted with Anderson Silva.  This is far more emotion than I normally show in a live blog but this is awful.  Maia gets inside and almost has a takedown.  Silva continues to circle and not engage.  Anderson Silva is warned that he is going to have a point taken if he keeps running away. Maia throws an overhand right that misses and the fight comes to an end.  Pathetic, pathetic performance by Anderson Silva.  10-9 round for Maia and I gave the fight to Silva 48-47.  Anderson Silva wins by unanimous decision.  They did not announce the scores.