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Does Shane Mosley Have a Chance to Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

(Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)
(Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

It doesn't seem like Bad Left Hook thinks so:

What I am saying is that Mayweather is too good for Mosley. Shane Mosley is one of my absolute favorite fighters, and he's world class to the bone. He's outstanding. He's great. But Mayweather is greater. Mayweather is just better than he is. I don't feel compelled to break down the matchup, really. Shane's pretty fast, Floyd's faster, and I think some people are going to be really surprised at how much faster Floyd looks on Saturday night. Shane's really strong, yes, but is he going to hit Mayweather consistently? Nobody else does.

If Mosley's jab is better than usual, if his defense is better than usual, if he focuses on the body a bit more than usual, and if Mayweather isn't as sharp as usual, Shane Mosley can definitely win this fight. But that's a lot of "ifs." Too many for my liking if I'm on Team Mosley.

It seems to be to write this fight off because there really is no doubt that Mayweather is the better fighter.  The thing is, this is arguably the absolute best fight that can be made outside of Mayweather/Pacquiao from a P4P perspective.  Ring Magazine has the fighters ranked #2 and #3 respectively in their P4P rankings, Bad Left Hook has Floyd #2 and Shane #4.  Obviously a Floyd bout against Manny is what the world would love to see, but that shouldn't make anyone think this fight isn't a legitimately important bout for the sport.

But the question does remain over how competitive the bout will be.  For MMA fans worried about getting another fight like they got if they paid for Pacquiao/Clottey let me assure you, Shane Mosley is going to go for the win.  Clottey was in there to survive, Shane does not ever show up to a bout looking to "just survive."  Against the thunderous punching of then highly regarded Antonio Margarito, Shane had no hesitation to come forward and put on a brutal show.  Against Floyd there will be no concern for Shane about running into power shots, he will be there to come forward and try to put his hands on "Money."

But much as Scott pointed out, the talk from Shane that he's "as fast as Mayweather" is just talk.  The fact is, Shane just isn't as good as Floyd.  Can he find ways to hurt Mayweather?  Sure.  If he hurts Floyd can he finish him?  Absolutely.  Will it happen?  Maybe, but probably not.

Make sure to check in with SB Nation's Bad Left Hook and The Boxing Bulletin for all their previews, predictions and coverage of tomorrow night's clash.

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