Kid Yamamoto on the undercard - return of the Japanese superstar?


Finally completed STRIKEFORCE: Heavy Artillery (props to Bloody Elbow-Nick Thomas)

First off I'm loving the website and this is my first time on SB Nation and this is my first blog post.

A stacked card Strikeforce is coming up and I'm sure that after the whole fiasco with the brawl from Nashville, Scott Coker is hoping to deliver following the blip on CBS.

We already know on the main card they have a good sets of heavyweights and also marks the return of Alistair Overeem first time defending his belt since defeating Buentello in 2007 also stateside.

Beyond that this card also marks one of the events that which mark the better use of the undercard. Kid Yamamoto is making his US debut under the Strikeforce banner. This Japanese superstar is loved by many... but following back-to-back losses in MMA and then getting brutally knocked out by a relatively unknown Korean kickboxer in K-1 World MAX, things don't appear as rosy.

K-1 WORLDMAX 2009 FINAL8, Jae Hee CHEON vs. Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto (천재희 1R KO승) (via mrq290)

Here appearing on the undercard, I might get some stick for this but I believe it is a brilliant part on his part. Whilst his opponent is not the greatest this fight should prove the final judgement for the Kid. If he loses it will not be seen by to many and if he wins he could make a successful return back to his old self. It is a risk no doubt but still very well thought out and calculated. I for one, will be cheering for the Kid on May 15th.

Another good fight on the undercard is Lyle Beerbohm (13-0) vs. Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro (20-3) ( After appearing in DREAM.10 with his fight against Aoki, he is finally making his promotional debut. With a great record this fighter can make an impact and add a little more steel under their rank. I can't wait for it.



Beyond that we should expect a good show! What say you SBNation about Kid Yamamoto on the undercard?



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