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Updated: Tito Ortiz Arrested for Domestic Violence

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A crime scene investigation unit is at the home of Tito Ortiz according to TMZ:

"TMZ has learned several police units have arrived at Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson's house in Huntington Beach, CA after cops received a call about a "disturbance" this morning."

"The nature of the disturbance is unclear -- but TMZ has learned there is currently a Crime Scene Investigation unit on scene."

"Story developing..."

More information coming soon.

[UPDATE] - MMAPrime claims to have spoken with Huntington Beach Police and says an investigation is taking place.

[UPDATE 2] - Very sad news. Tito Ortiz has been arrested for felony domestic violence:

"TMZ has learned Tito Ortiz was just arrested for felony domestic violence at the home he shares with Jenna Jameson."

"We're told when cops arrived to the home in Huntington Beach, CA -- Jenna Jameson had "visible injuries.""

"Tito is currently in custody and on his way to a Huntington Beach jail in Orange County, CA."

"Tito and Jenna are not married -- but they have two children together."
[UPDATE 3] - Photos and video: "UFC fighter Tito Ortiz was placed in handcuffs and then in a jacket":


[UPDATE 4] - Jenna Jameson plans on pressing charges against Tito Ortiz: