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WEC 48 Faber vs Aldo Results: Champ Jose Aldo Dominates Urijah Faber

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In the first round Faber came out swinging and feinting but Aldo was not taking the bait while avoiding the strikes. Faber was looking for a chance to shoot for the take down. Then Aldo easily swept Faber's feet from under him with a low kick to the legs. Then he landed punches to the head and body of Faber. At that point Faber shot in for a take down attempt that was easily stuffed by the champ. Aldo connected hard again with a minute left. Faber finally connected on a lunging combination. But he went back for more and ate a hard Aldo counter knee to the gut.

Faber opened the second shucking and jiving for a take down that Aldo easily avoided. Then Aldo landed with a hard body kick. Aldo seemed content to take his time stalking Faber down. He landed leg kicks at will while making Faber miss with almost everything. Aldo proceeded to chop Faber's lead leg from under him. Faber eventually was forced to swtich stances but he wasn't comfortable enough as a southpaw to fight effectively from there and kept lapsing back into an orthodox stance.

The third saw Faber doing everything to avoid getting kicked in the leg. It failed as Aldo had him limping badly by the end of the second minute of the round. Then Aldo followed up with brutal body kicks. Faber finally got a take down, but Also sprang to his feet in an instant. A brutal head kick stunned Faber and Aldo opened up with a combination of punches. But Faber suddenly sprang to life and scored with a hard right hand of his own. With 0:40 left Aldo once again hobbled Faber but the game California Kid survived the round despite being dropped by a final leg kick with less than ten seconds left.

Faber's cornerman carried him back to the stool between rounds.

In the championship round, Aldo visibly buckled Faber with the first leg kick. Then once the fight hit the ground, Aldo immediately mounted then rolled to Faber's back where he threatened to choke Faber. But Faber exploded out of danger and got back to his feet. But he was quickly dropped by another leg kick. Aldo quickly got side control where he applied a crucifix and elbowed and punched a helpless Faber. Faber tried to buck and wriggled ot escape and ref Josh Rosenthal seemed determined to allow the beating to continue indefinitely as the time ran out on the round.

Aldo had to be asking himself what it was going to take to finish the proud former champ. Faber came out dancing in the fifth. Faber shot for a leg and then desperately clung to Aldo's ankle. Home town boy Faber got much longer on his back to butt scoot than Japanese champ Shinya Aoki got last week. After the slow arriving restart on the feet, Faber literally cartwheeled across the cage in pursuit of a take down to no avail. Aldo landed a hard body shot with a minute left.  Faber ended the round fighting from his back as Aldo finally walked away right before the buzzer rang to end the fight.

Defending featherweight champ Jose Aldo met former champ Urijah Faber in the headlining bout of the WEC's first ever pay per view. For the 23 year old Aldo it was his chance to break out as a major star at the expense of a legend. For the 30 year old Faber it represented possibly his last shot at the title.

Faber had lost the title to Mike Brown two years ago and came up short in a rematch in 2009. He was 2-2 in his last four fights going into the bout. He remains the biggest star in the promotion and rightfully headlined the promotion's first PPV.

A courageous Faber had to be held up by two of his cornermen for his post fight interview. An incredible display of heart from the former champ. But Aldo simply outclassed him in a dominating performance.