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Quote of the Day: Georges St-Pierre - "I Want to Fight the Best and Jake Shields Is the Best Right Now"

"[Jake Shields] He's a great submission fighter", St-Pierre said. "He's got great technique and takedowns. He's very good at not getting hit standing up, he's a perfect mixed martial artist and he's going to have a long career. He's a very smart guy and I have a lot of respect for this guy. I love watching his fights."

"As a matter of fact, there's only a few guys I like to watch in mixed martial arts, to learn, and he's one of them."

"Shields is amazing. He's of course the guy to beat right now. He's fighting at 185 lbs right now, and he's dominating and beating everyone at 185, and he's (a natural) 170 lbs fighter. He's not only an amazing fighter, he's an amazing jiu-jitsu fighter."

"As a proud champion, I want to fight the best and Jake Shields is the best right now."

-- Georges St-Pierre believes there is only one man to beat and that's Jake Shields.