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Jason "Mayhem" Miller Interrupts Jake Shields, Cesar Gracie Fight Team to Mar CBS Saturday Night Fights

Cageside Seats jumps on the story:

It's not really clear why, but Nick Diaz (cornering Jake Shields) and Jason "Mayhem" Miller (cornering Dan Henderson) just got into a wild brawl in the cage after the Shields-Henderson main event. Mayhem got in Shields' face, then Shields pushed him, so Diaz jumped in and Mayhem while Gus Johnson nearly had an aneurysm screaming "Gentleman, please! We are on national television!"

I'd much rather be commenting on the brilliant tactics and techniques of the Strikeforce: Nashville on CBS show, but the potential business implications of a dismal show that included three straight five round decisions -- all of them mostly one-sided -- and ended in a bench clearing brawl between the defending champion and his team against one member of Dan Henderson's Team Quest.

Dana White was the big winner of virtually every fight on this card.

I'll let Cageside wallow in the atrocities of the brawl. We'll be back with much more coverage of the business implications of this event almost all of them great for the UFC, bad for CBS and dismal for Strikeforce.

Jake Shields and King Mo emerged as the big winners with Gilbert Melendez making a strong claim to be one of the world's top lightweights.

All in all it was an exciting night for the hard core fans but probably a disaster in the ratings.

[UPDATE]: Zak Woods is cage side with original photos from the brawl:


Zak has a cage side report as well:

Mayhem Miller walked into the cage and stood behind Shields during his victory interview. It appeared as if Gilbert Melendez did not appreciate Miller attempting to steal spotlight from Shields during Jake's moment and went to push Miller off screen and out of the way. What ended was a scuffle in the cage, on what I assume, was live television. Included in the footage was what appeared to be Shields's camp beating up Miller as security had to disperse the fight. If MMA wanted attention from the mainstream media they will probably now have it. Ignoring how the media reacts will be how CBS reacts and if they want disassociate themselves with this now. I am unsure how much was on live t.v. and how much attention it will get, but this is not a case of "no publicity is bad publicity."