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Dan Henderson Talks About Why He Left the UFC

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In an interview with the

- "I never saw a dime," Henderson says of the [UFC Undisputed] video game money. "Where do you think the money should go? The fighters are asked to sign away their likeness rights, and [the UFC] tries to get it forever."

- Another UFC business stance that irked Henderson was the company's interest in charging apparel sponsors, like Henderson's own Clinch Gear, a fee, such as $10,000 for four months of unlimited appearances in the UFC octagon. "It's like UFC is sticking their hands in our pockets," Henderson said.

- Henderson said he understands "it's a business," but noted that White "said he'd write me a check for $25,000" for public appearances connected to a future fight after UFC 100, "and I never saw that either. It's made me think I need everything in writing from now on."

- Meanwhile, White took a swipe at Henderson's drawing power when he texted that he wouldn't attend the Saturday Strikeforce card: "They have sold two tickets to that fight."

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