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FightMetric Report for B.J. Penn vs. Frankie Edgar at UFC 112

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Photo by Mohammed Salem of <a href="">Reuters</a>
Photo by Mohammed Salem of Reuters

FightMetric has released it's report for the B.J. Penn/Frank Edgar fight at UFC 112.  Here's the Effectiveness Score and ten point must system scoring round-by-round:

Round Penn Edgar TPM
1 94 34 10-9 Penn
2 110 28 10-9 Penn
3 55 43 10-9 Penn
4 57 55 10-10
5 63 96 10-9 Edgar
Total 373 263 49-47 Penn

Well, that really puts a dent in Douglas Crosby's 50-45 scorecard now, doesn't it? 

That said, while the first two rounds very clearly go to Penn, rounds 3-5 are close enough that it's defensible to give Frankie Edgar a 48-47 decision.  I don't think anyone would dispute that.

Still, with a 100 point advantage in the Effectiveness Score (and personally scoring the bout the exact same way as FightMetric when I watched the fight "live"), Edgar's victory leaves a sore taste in my mouth.

Notable stats:

-FightMetric credited Edgar with 13 takedowns attempts, with 1 success.  They did not award him a takedown in round 2 because "he was unable to establish an advantageous position before Penn got back to his feet." 

-Penn edged Edgar in total strikes 72 to 63.

-Penn edged Edgar in HiPer strikes 71 to 61.

-Penn attacked more to the head with 61 of his 72 strikes, while Edgar threw 24 of his 63 strikes to the legs and body.