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UFC 109 Results: Randy Couture Applies Stranglehold on Mark Coleman

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Randy "The Natural Couture came out to Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" to win the entrance music battle. In the actual fight it didn't take much more than a round for Couture to apply a "stranglehold" of his own.

When the biggest question going into a fight is whether or not the loser will retire, you know you're not seeing a world championship fight.

But ostensibly this senior league slug fest was a number #1 contender's match in the UFC's packed light heavyweight division.

Couture came out swinging hard and landing. Coleman eventually landed a couple of shots when Couture came in swinging. Then with three minutes left, Couture began to really punish and batter Coleman. Couture used his patented dirty boxing to control and work Coleman on the feet.

Coleman's trainer, and Couture's former business partner, Shawn Tompkins told Coleman to "be a champion about this" between rounds. Then Couture put Coleman on his back, established mount and battered Coleman. Coleman gave up his back and then Couture got the choke.