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Jose Canseco Calls Out Herschel Walker

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Following Herschel Walker's successful MMA debut with a TKO win over Greg Nagy the always media desperate Jose Canseco is starting to make some noise.  On his Twitter, Canseco stated that he "wants in" for a fight against Walker.  One can only hope that Strikeforce has absolutely no intention of ever calling Jose.

While the very idea of Herschel Walker vs. Jose Canseco inside a cage is fairly disgusting, you also have to admit that it would create an incredible surge of interest from the mainstream sports media.  Jose's fight with Hong Man Choi was mostly just laughed at in the media's coverage, and the takeaway for many following Herschel's fight was that he just beat up some nobody.  But, if you put these two very recognizable names in a cage and let them throw hands.  Maybe it would create a buzz.

Then again, Celebrity boxing only managed two episodes.