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Vitor Belfort Out of Title Bout With Anderson Silva at UFC 112

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Yahoo's Kevin Iole just tweeted:

Vitor Belfort is injured (shoulder) and off #UFC 112 title fight with Anderson Silva. Confirmed by @danawhite More details to come.

Zak Woods comments:

With Belfort off the card all eyes turn to Chael Sonnen who recently defeated Nate Marquardt in a number one contender bout. However Sonnen suffered a nasty cut and is medically suspended until March 9th. Could he be ready to go by April 10th?

Is there anyone else the UFC could realistically stick in to fight Anderson? Nate Marquardt was just dominated and Demian Maia is medically suspended until August 6th. Too bad Zuffa can't call Dan Henderson.

On the up side, at least Belfort's the challenger and champion Anderson Silva is uninjured and able to fight. The problem is that the UFC has had a very hard time finding compelling middleweight opponents for Silva. Who can the UFC bring in to face Silva? Should he fight someone at Light Heavyweight instead? If so, who?