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Shane Mosley Meets With Bob Arum, Says He's Fighting Manny Pacquiao Next

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Looks like Shane Mosley is in for another big payday.
Looks like Shane Mosley is in for another big payday.

Still desperately hoping for the Pacquiao vs Mayweather mega-fight? Well it's really not going to happen anytime soon, cause it looks like they're already settling for Mosley instead. Shortly after Bernard Hopkins pulled out the race card by saying that Manny has never faced an African-American fighter, "Sugar" Shane Mosley tweeted that he has spoken with Bob Arum, and that he's 90% sure he's next in line for the pound-for-pound king:

alright tweet buddies, I am going to get me some rest. Talk with Ya'll later. But get ready for Sugar and Pac it's going down!!!!!!

I just left [Bob Arum's] office yesterday 90% sure Its going down trust

Negotiations look to be underway, and unless Floyd Mayweather suddenly has a change of heart and decides to come to the table, this will probably push through for the simple fact that Mosley has a bigger name than the other potential contenders.

Scott Christ over at BadLeftHook doesn't seem to be too excited about the potential match up:

As much as I like Shane Mosley, no, fighting the 39-year-old Mosley does not answer the question of when Pacquiao's going to fight a fast, in-prime black fighter. Berto's a better fight now. So is the Bradley-Alexander winner. Mosley is damaged goods and didn't just look bad against Mayweather, which just about everyone does, but looked really bad against Sergio Mora, too. Mora isn't easy to look good against, but it wasn't a case of looking bad against Mora, but just plain looking bad. Still Mosley, even exhausted, did keep trying to land big shots in that fight. Maybe the all-action style of Pacquiao would help him find his youth again. Probably not, but maybe. He's come back from being "washed up" before.