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Jon Jones Says He'd Have the Advantage in a Fight Against Anderson Silva

Jon Jones, who is a huge fan of Anderson Silva, talked to Kevin Iole and said that if he got matched up against the UFC middleweight champ, he would have an advantage:

"I’ve bathed myself in Anderson Silva. I think I’d have an advantage going into a fight with him because I’ve studied him so much. I’ve patterned my career after Anderson. You can’t really say you know Anderson Silva, because, like me, he can pull off pretty much anything he wants to pull off, whatever he trained for that specific fight.

"So, you can’t know Anderson Silva, but you can understand who he is and how he thinks and how he operates."

Jones would be slightly bigger, and 12 years younger than the long time middleweight kingpin, but I would be lying if I said that I wouldn't be even a bit interested in seeing this fight. It's possible that Bones would be the slight favorite, but the odds of the bout actually happening? Not so good.

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