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Nick Diaz Loves K.J. Noons

Nick Diaz at the end of his 2007 bout with K.J. Noons
Nick Diaz at the end of his 2007 bout with K.J. Noons

Ben Fowlkes scores an interview with Nick Diaz, the elusive Strikeforce welterweight champ:

"This is my life," he says once the workout finally winds down. "It's everything I do, train eight-hour days every day. I train hard. This is...yeah, this is my life."

That, he says, is the source of his ill feelings toward Noons. Losing a fight that way, because of cuts, is not something he can just live with. A knockout loss would be easier. At least it would be a clear-cut defeat. But the stoppage on cuts, it robbed him of his chance to find out how the fight would have ended. Noons' subsequent efforts to avoid a rematch, in Diaz's eyes, only made it worse.

"The thing is, I'm not mad," Diaz says. "I never was. I was only mad that he was running and not going to fight me. That makes me angry. Like, you little b-tch. You're running around saying all this? I mean, do that all you want, but take the fight when they offer it. But now he's going to take the fight, so hey, I love that guy now."
"Just let me take my a--whipping, if that's what it's going to be," he says. "You know? I can handle that. I just want a chance to go in there and see."

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