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The Week in Quotes: September 26th to October 2nd

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Copyright Zuffa, LLC


"[Donald Cerrone] set MMA back about 10 years [with his comments]." - Jamie Varner. WEC 51 opponent Donald Cerrone, in an interview, said he hoped to kill Varner in the cage. (MMA Fighting)

"I mean, people, outsiders, who don't really know the sport, they have this common misconception that we're all just a bunch of neanderthals and barbarians, but there are a lot of us that are educated, well-spoken, well-mannered, well-tempered human beings." - Varner

"It's just retarded. He's like an uneducated hillbilly." - Varner, leading by example - only two slurs!

"I'd have them fight every show, the way these guys fight." - WEC General Manager Reed Harris (MMA Fighting)


"I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt." - Anderson Silva, on Chael Sonnen's positive steroid test. (Portal do Vale Tudo)

"Even with Anderson hurt and Sonnen doped, Anderson still defeated him. God is just." - Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. I didn't know God was a self-righterous sports reporter. (Sherdog)

"That's not a surprise. Not that [Chael Sonnen] was on steroids; but all these guys are on steroids." - Nate Diaz (The Fight Network)


"I have said many times that I have nothing to do with match-making. Right now, Strikeforce is struggling to find me a serious opponent." - Fedor Emelianenko (

"Alistair Overeem keeps finding all sorts of excuses not to fight me." - Emelianenko. The same Alistair Overeem who has been calling you out for the last two years?

"Werdum [is] out with injury, we still [wanted] to fight Fedor, but he refuses. Then when we finally decided to participate in K-1 and make the news official, M-1/Fedor wants to fight Overeem 2 days after Alistair and GG make an official statement that he will fight in the K-1 WGP." - Golden Glory manager Bas Boon, whose use of "GG" as an abbreviation makes me think of G.G. Allin. (MMA Torch)


"I feel pretty robbed, but whenever you leave it to the judges anything can happen. So I really can't complain too much." - Evan Dunham. No, Evan, you can complain all you want. (MMA News Leak)

"When it comes to scoring, who did more damage on the opponent, I think it was me." - Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, who lost to Ryan Bader by unanimous decision at UFC 119. (Tatame)

"They worship a lot the takedowns, but the guys don’t do much on the floor and don’t even try to submit or knock us out." - Nogueira. Try getting up.


"To talk the stuff he does, and then fight like he fought, that’s a little frustrating." - UFC President Dana White, on Frank Mir's performance against Mirko Filipovic at UFC 119. (Figure Four Online)

"Once Cro Cop stuffed his takedown attempt, his heart fell on the floor." - White

"If Frank Mir can’t bully you, his heart shrinks to the size of the Grinch’s. If he can’t take you down, his heart shrinks to the size of a pea." - White, with an absolutely scathing criticism.

"You go to your job and don’t perform, what will happen? And when people say, `Hey, these guys put their lives on the line,’ that’s a crock of shit. This sport is so safe." - White, who said he would consider cutting Mir for continued underwhelming performances.

"These guys have chosen to be fighters. These guys aren’t going into Afghanistan. If they don’t want to do this, go out and get a real job." - White. Let's review. Get popped for steroids in a marquee title fight? You're a regular bloke with a family, and hey, these guys need to be able to do their jobs. Put on a rather pedestrian performance on a rather pedestrian card? Buck up, son.


"If they're comparing him to Anderson Silva, they should compare me with Fedor." - Manny Gamburyan, who also lost his last fight. (MMA Weekly)

"Why not go out and put on a [expletive] war and get knocked out?" - Jeremy Stephens, upset with the hit-and-run strategy implemented by Melvin Guillard at UFC 119. And now we know why Jeremy Stephens will never amount to anything in MMA. (Bloody Elbow)

"I'm completely open to fighting him." - Bobby Lashley, who was vehemently against a fight with Dave Bautista prior to being sent to the hospital by an unknown journeyman heavyweight. (World Wrestling Insanity)

"Can't comment on his jealousy. We're not too concerned about what Varner thinks." - Aaron Simpson, who left Arizona Combat Sports along with C.B. Dollaway and Ryan Bader, among others. (SBNation)

"[I]f you asked me now I would probably say that there's not - I mean, I have closer friends, we're not close - but there's not anything I wouldn't do for Matt Hughes if he asked me." - B.J. Penn (Fighter's Only)

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