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Jon Fitch: Moving To Middleweight Will Take Two Years

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"It would be like a two year process for me to move up a weight class. Because I have unfinished business at 170. The thing is I would move up if Josh Koscheck would win the title and defend it. So he'd have to hold on to it for a while. You're talking about almost a year right there, with a win and defense."

"In that time I could fight Georges St. Pierre non-title, I could fight Jake Shields, I could fight Martin Kampmann, I could fight Carlos Condit. All those guys could be fought already, and after that there's not much left to do in front of me. Then that would be the optimum time I would be looking for other challenges if I want to move up a weight class."
-- Check out the full interview with Jon Fitch at MMA Weekly.
Jon Fitch (23-3)
Win Thiago Alves - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 117
Win Ben Saunders - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 111
Win Mike Pierce - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 107
Win Paulo Thiago - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 100
Win Akihiro Gono - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 94


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