BE Mini-Chop: Megumi Fujii's Japanese Mount Armbar


Just in time for tonight's Bellator 115lbs Womens Tournament final between Megumi Fujii and Zoila Frausto, I'll be briefly looking at Fujii's semi-final fight against Lisa Ward. Fujii won the fight by armbar but what caught my eye was the setup that came in the form of a Japanese Mount. Also known as the S-mount  or sometimes even Z-mount in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because of the shape made with the legs, this position has been in Japanese Submission Grappling for decades such as the form of Shooto Catch Wrestling formed by Satoru Sayama, a student of Karl Gotch and a legend in his own right as Pro Wrestling's infamous Tiger Mask


But first things first, Fujii was up against the cage wall clinching with Ward before powering forward and scoring a waistlock trip landing in Ward's half-guard. Perhaps judonerd can elaborate on this particular takedown. 


Fujii uses a classic pass by sliding her trapped shin up while pressing down on Ward's knee, breaking her half guard open enough to slip the trapped leg out into full mount. Ward, sensing she might be in danger from Ground'n'Pound or a submission attack front-waist locks Fujii to try and prevent Fujii from posturing up and doing damage. Fujii responds by pushing down on the side of Ward's head to the mat, putting it out of natural alignment with her body and forcing Ward to break her clasp. 


What's interesting about this next sequence is Fujii can sense Ward is about to attempt bucking her off a split-second beforehand and reacts accordingly by positioning her left leg to give her better base and also catch Ward's arm in the process. Ward bucks Fujii, an Fujii does just this. Fujii also feels she's losing her position and balance and again uses her left leg to transition into the Japanese Mount. Also notice she has threaded her arm through rather than trying to grip with her hands. This is also very typical of an Arm catch found in Japanese submission wrestling / catch wrestling. You can find out more about Arm catch grips by watching this video. 


With the Japanese Mount secured Fujii works out how best to break Ward's grip. First she reaches back and presses on Ward's leg, possibly faking a leg attack to make Ward react. Fujii then throws a punch at Ward before settling on a double Arm catch grip and quickly forcing Ward's hands apart and a tap. From this position Fujii doesn't have to move very much as she's compact around Ward's arm and has it snug to her body and as you can see it doesn't take much to extend and end the fight. 

After the jump, video of Erik Paulson showing a Japanese Mount attack very similar to the one Megumi Fujii used in this fight.

Interesting to hear Paulson say it's Japanese style because "they have shorter legs". Some might take offence to that, but nothing was meant by it.

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