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Urijah Faber Talks UFC-WEC Merger

"I can't wait to fight for the belt."
Ben Henderson - "I’m very excited. Now the major goal is to go over there wearing a belt. To be the best and make that claim, you’ve gotta beat the best. I want to take that one step further and beat not only the best, but everyone so there’s no doubt."
Scott Jorgensen - "I don’t put on dull fights. The fact that we’re on the UFC stage means that I get to show more people how exciting and how tough I really am. Every UFC fan that wasn’t a WEC fan will become my fan now."
Anthony Pettis - "When I heard about it, I was finishing up my morning training session, and I wanted to go right back to the gym and train. My fight with Ben was big enough, and now I’m two fights away from being the UFC champion. It’s two championships in two fights."

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