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'The Ultimate Fighter 12: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck' Live Discussion (Episode 7)

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Join Bloody Elbow every Wednesday night to discuss the latest episode of the Ultimate Fighter 12, featuring UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and Ultimate Fighter 1 alum Josh Koscheck.

[Read in the voice of Mike Rowe.]

Last week on the Ultimate Fighter: Josh Koscheck calls Team GSP wunderkind and four-time Olympic gold medal champion Michael Johnson a fattie. Team Koscheck has control of the fights and pits generic wrestler Marc Stevens against Cody "Edward Norton and Garth Algar had a baby and raised him in Cordova, Alaska" McKenzie. Everyone from Team Koscheck tells Stevens to avoid the guillotine which means that McKenzie by guillotine is a -500 favorite.

McKenzie finishes with a guillotine 20 seconds into the fight and Team GSP regains control of the picks. Team GSP picks "Encino Man" Jonathan Brookins against stereotypical Armenian Alpha Male Sevak Magakian. The editors show Magakian talking about fighting for his dead father, but I don't feel bad when he falls asleep to "Encino Man's" rear naked choke.

This week on the Ultimate Fighter:

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky makes his return! No word on whether his friend Carlo Rossi joins him. Dane Sayers battles the other crazy Armenian, Sako Chivitchian. Koscheck may encourage Sako to bring out the knives for this one. We find out who battles for the WILD CARD spot. I'd argue that the Wild Card ruins the integrity of the show, but there was no integrity to ruin in the first place. And GSP and Josh Koscheck try to hit home runs over an eighty-foot fence! Now that's entertainment!

Team GSP
1. Michael Johnson (8-4)
2. Jonathan Brookins (11-3)
3. Spencer Paige (7-2)
4. Alex "Bruce Leeroy" Caceres (5-2)
5. Kyle Watson (12-6-1)
6. Cody McKenzie (11-0)
7. Dane Sayers (7-1)

Team Koscheck
1. Marc Stevens (12-5)
2. Sevak Magakian (8-3)
3. Sako Chivitchiyan (5-0)
4. Andy Main (4-1)
5. Nam Phan (15-7)
6. Aaron Wilkinson (6-3)
7. Jeffrey Lentz (5-1)


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