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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 4th Week of October


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twittersphere.



"My 5 yr old told me not to tell his outofschool girlfriend about his inschool girlfriend. I was so proud of my young, future black athlete."  -Din Thomas

"Leavin to Hollywood FL early 2moro. Following my dreams & making 1 into a reality! Nobody can stop me! The World Championship Belt is MINE! ...She's not just going to hand it to me, so I'm going to have to take it! All my hard work, suffering, pain, & hell WILL PAY OFF!!! ...Nobody knows what I've been through to get to this point! I deserve this! I defeat all the odds plenty of time & I will once again few days."  -Zoila Frausto, will be up against the top ranked female fighter, Megumi Fugii

"Layin down just chilin, @deniskang in the other room talking about Twitter, so I Twittered it.."  -Rory MacDonald

"Stefan Struve recently won a Joey McIntyre look-a-like contest. Finishing in 2nd place was Joey McIntyre... Stefan Struve is a member of the Swedish Symphony Orchestra. His instrument? The skin flute"  -Sean McCorkle, also has an annoying twitter username - @BigSexyMcCorkle

"Photoshop that bitch McCorkle and put it on the internet, the best one will get my UFC gloves after I knock that bitch out!! Bring it!!!"  -Stefan Struve, I usually don't hate on people who like talking trash, but McCorkle is just trying, (and failing) desperately to be a Chael Sonnen.

"I would also like a lot to face Randy Couture, a true legend of MMA."  -Shogun Rua, still keeps on calling out Randy.


[UPDATE] - Big "Sexy" replied to my post. He says he must be funny cause Ariel Helwani got a lot of youtube hits:

So let me get this straight. I am "trying, (and failing) desperately to be a Chael Sonnen"?

Number one, I was talking shit on the internet before anyone had ever even heard of Chael Sonnen. I don't need to copy anyone's "act". I'm also "failing" so badly that my youtube interview with Ariel Helwani has more views than any other fighter interview that was done that weekend.

And a thread created by Stefan Struve about photoshopping a pic of me has over 200,000 views and nearly 700 posts in roughly 30 hrs.

Number two, if anything Chael wishes he could be like me. The difference is I don't use audience plants or scripted lines to do it. What you get with me is always original and off the top of my head. My entire pre-fight interview with Ariel Helwani (which was much funnier than anything Chael has ever done) was all done without me knowing what questions to expect, and without me having any planned responses.

Lastly, if you want to hang around this business for very long, you might want to watch yourself before you get Tomas Rios'd.

PS: Your first name is missing a "w" and your last name f*cking sucks. Love ya ;)


"thank you #TeamCarwin for all the kind words. You are making a hard decision a bit easier... yes I am injured. The back problem that kept me from EM6 is now keeping me from @UFC 125... Roy and my boss are the only ones happy about this"  - Shane Carwin

"Just woke up some one told me about shane not going to past the drug test, or he was scared to fight because of my bad knee, bad hair, bad attitude."  -Roy Nelson, oh snap

"@danawhite how is boston, so who do we got next for me @roynelsonmma ? Did you give shane the are u an fn fighter speech? Lol"  -Roy Nelson

"Shane pullout due to injury, I was joking with the other stuff, because he hurts my feelings when he is mean then nice, then mean about roy nelson"  -Roy Nelson

"So who makes sense to face @RoyNelsonMMA? He needs a top guy. He and Mir have had grappling events? Big Nog wont b ready."  -Shane Carwin

"Roy, Brock, whoever Joe Silva sees fit is fine by me. I just want to perform."  -Shane Carwin

"Quote of the day, "ask dana white who wants to fight santa on new years and I will play santa""  -Roy Nelson

"I wonder if lorenzo is going to call cro cop to see if he wants to fight, he is legend and has done some great things, would love the challenge...But as everybody knows I just like to fight the best and the challenges that it brings,"  -Roy Nelson, well Mirko IS intersted... Not sure if Dana is. I'd rather see him face Mir. Brock should fight Nog, then the winner of the two bouts face off after.

"Looks like I am going to opt for surgery. This will ensure the road to the top wont be stalled by this injury again... Surgery is Tuesday"  -Shane Carwin



"One belt won, back to the gym today to help get the other."  -Jon Fitch

"not exactly. Me and Jake are 1-1 in grappling matches... the first one was before the second that most people have seen. I was a white belt at the time. I know OTM had it on video... It was Pain Inc. Open back in 2003. I beat Jake and Gilbert Melendez back to back in a pro grappling tourny for 500 bones... Or rent money."  -Jon Fitch

"So who do the fans think should fight for next ww belt?"  -Jon Fitch vs Jake Shields would be very interesting, but I think Shields deserves his shot.

"And Shields deserves a title shot?? He is a joke... Jake Shields' cardio won't be a factor if he fights me next. I won't keep him around long enough to get tired--- He'll be breathin' free & easy, snoring away for the ride to the Hospital... I would rather fight jake shields handcuffed than wrestle GSP.... Jake Shields, you're as exciting as watching a bowl of mash potatoes get cold... Your days are numbered... Hey Ms Piggy (aka Jake Shields) if u swing ur purse at me like that, I'll rub ur face in the mat like a puppy that missed the newspaper...."  -Jake Ellenberger, should Sheilds get a shot? Ellenberger thinks he needs to get a shot at him first because he "hates him more"



"I am far from being done.Just need 2 put in more then 3month n for a fight.It felt good to shake off the rust.I will be back n the gym ASAP! ...just because I got out wrestled by Matt doesn't mean I'm going to quit. I'm health and will be back n the gym ASAP. This is a challenge I want... BEING injury free makes me want to get better. Hardwork & consistant training will put me were I need to be.I had 2 major surgerys time to rebuild... want to thank all my fans for their support. haters hate and lovers love just remember one thing I will be back.! Let's Go!"  -Tito Ortiz, wants a shot at a comeback... But will Dana give it?

"Wow. What a championship performance by Cain Velasquez! ...My most sincere congratulations to a great champion in Cain Velasquez! ...Cain was awesome, and I want my children to grow up respecting that... I want my kids to grow up respecting a performance like Cain's victory, not resenting it... That's the "real sports" biz ... You win AND you lose."  -Paul Heyman

"Me & my team with my UFC Heavyweight Belt! Me with my management, Zinkin Entertainment and AKA coaches and teammates celebrating in the locker room with my belt!"  -Cain Velasquez


"Waiting in the green room at George Lopez Show."  -Cain Velasquez


"On set at @TMZ , everyone is really cool!"  -Cain Velasquez


"I wish I was Mexican right now."  -Din Thomas



"Look at @MFG16 trying to look gangsta while he gets scanned . LOL"  -Arianny Celeste


"How I send my daughter to school."  -Miguel Torres, awww


"John jones and me going to take some pictures for play boy magazine"  -Junior Dos Santos, is going to show his airbrushed boobies!


"Just ran into Nick Diaz. He was awesome on The Heyman Hustle. -Paul Heyman, is helping promote EA Sports MMA. Here's one on Frank Shamrock

"Check this video out -- Wanderlei Silva & Rafael Cordeiro - Anderson Silva vs Belfort , Shogun , MMA Awards..."  -Wanderlei Silva



"Part of my costume..can anyone guess what I'm gonna be?? Lol"  -Arianny Celeste, half-naked?


"How bad is this? Damn man"  -Daniel Cormier, will be a jiujitsu fighter for halloween?


"Just beat the shit out of some hot model\actor boy...I could get used to this! :)"  -Arianny Celeste


"Hope you enjoy my squeaky voice!! ;)"  -Natasha Wicks, tweets about her raw vegas sexy halloween shoot last year. If you're interested in seeing this years video (no it's not Natasha or Logan), click this.

"That's right, i get goofy, goblin faces on my chais ;) I'm special"  -Natasha Wicks


"Monstas! @ and myself shakin our wobbly-bits ;)"  -Natasha Wicks


"sneak peak of my TITS shoot. Get my 9mm shirt here NOW! -Rachelle Leah, no you pervs. She didn't mean you'd get a peak at her tits.



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