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Dana White Talks About Being a Ferocious Competitor

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"This is the fight business. I don’t run Microsoft or GE. My style is aggressive toward my competitors."

"I know one of the big criticisms about me is how I attack these other promoters. I don’t attack anybody. But if you come out and say you’re going to compete with us, then we’re going to f*cking compete until somebody wins and somebody loses. That’s what competing means. I never said anything about Strikeforce, and then Showtime gets involved. They start going after talent I have and, basically, start trying to compete with us."

"Do you let your competitors just walk all over you and do whatever they want? Or do you wake up, get up out of bed, and try to kick their f*cking asses? When you punch in, you’re ready to go to f*cking war, and when you punch out, you hope you took another big chunk outta their f*ckin ass that day."

"I said if we can go in there and lock up the space, we get all the best fighters in the world and we can [then] make any fight we want to make."

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