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UFC 121 Open Workout Highlights - Jake Shields Excited to Use Elbows

Jake Shields: I'd Rather Be Making a Run at the UFC Title Than Be a Champ Anywhere Else
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Highlights from the UFC 121 Open Workouts featuring Tito Ortiz, Diego Sanchez, Martin Kampmann, Matt Hamill, Jake Shields and Cain Velasquez.
Cain Velasquez: UFC 121 Open Workout & Interview
UFC 121: Daniel Cormier Predicts Either Late Stoppage or Decision for Cain Velasquez
UFC 121: Jake Shields Thinks Former Showtime Employers Will Be Rooting for Him
UFC 121: Tito Ortiz Proves He's 100 Percent Healthy This Time Around
UFC 121: TIto Ortiz 100% Healthy, Ready For War With Hamill
Javier Mendez: I Don't Think Brock Lesnar's Scarier with a Beard
UFC 121: Daniel Roberts Says We've Yet to See His Complete Game in UFC
Martin Kampmann Says He'll Derail The Shields Hype Train
UFC 121: Shields Ready To Impact The UFC
Brendan Schaub talks UFC 121, Gonzaga
UFC 121 Workouts: Cain Velasquez, Jake Shields, Martin Kampmann + Diego
Sam Stout's Last Vegas Training Session
Diego Sanchez: Wrestling Wins Fights UFC 121
Tareq Azim: Elbows Were Made for Jake [Shields] - Firas Zahabi discute Georges St-Pierre vs. Jake Shields
Daniel Cormier: [AKA] Not Looking to Be Lucky in Velasquez vs. Lesnar
Cain Velasquez On Brock Lesnar, Pressure and Mexican Pride
Tito Ortiz: I Will Punish the Hammer & He Will Become a Mallet
Tito Ortiz on Beating Matt Hamill, Forrest Griffin Rematch + UFC Future
Gilbert Melendez: [Shields] is the Guy Who is Gonna Beat St. Pierre
UFC 121: Gilbert Melendez talks Jakes Shields' training

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