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UFC 126: Jon Jones Says He Will Never Fight Rashad Evans

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In an interview with
"Absolutely not. If Rashad Evans won the belt, which I'm hoping he does, my only goal would be to be the toughest contender there is, and keep whipping butt without being champion. I'd stay at 205 and be the second best. That would be my goal."

"As I said, I'm hoping he wins, we're very proud of him. I couldn't do it, he's my mate."

"All my dreams and aspirations are in the light-heavyweight division, and I'm growing and getting older, but I have quite some time left in the light-heavyweight division."
Yet Carlos Condit is willing to fight teammate Georges St. Pierre, Dana White responds:
"I love that, I respect that, that’s the way it is supposed to be. When you are an up-and-coming fighter it doesn’t matter what camp you are from, who you train with, who your buddy is. Its not personal its business. You should always be looking to test yourself and see if you are the best fighter in the world."

"We have problems with that out of the Greg Jackson camp and AKA, it drives me nuts. So its refreshing to hear a kid like Carlos Condit say ‘love Georges St. Pierre he is a great guy, but I would love to have his title, I’d fight him.’

"I guarantee you George St Pierre respects that too; (They could) figure out the politics in the gym, who corners who."
[UPDATE] - Dana White continues the discussion on The Jim Rome Show:
"Me personally what I think, is when one guy says 'oh he's my friend I won't fight him', that means I train with this guy and this guy's probably going to kick my ass. That's what I get out of that. I'm not confident enough to fight this guy."

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