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UFC 121 Pre-Fight Interviews: Dana White

Dana White Previews UFC 121, Fires Back at Frank Shamrock, Talks MMA in Olympics


Dana White on Brock Lesnar/Cain Velasquez war at UFC 121
UFC 121: Dana White Pre-Fight Interview
Dana White calls Frank Shamrock a "liar, two-faced chump" and Lesnar vs. Velasquez a win-win.
Cain Velasquez: "You Pretty Much Have To Kill Us To Beat Us"
Cain Velasquez: Try to Talk All You Want, We're Gonna Fight...I Don't Talk Sh*t.
UFC 121: Cain Velasquez Believes Mexican Promotional Angle 'Makes Sense'
UFC 121 Cain Velasquez Pre-Fight Interview
Exclusive Interview: Cain Velasquez Loves Fedor, Waxing, and Us
UFC 121: Martin Kampmann Won't Argue With Those Who Call Jake Shields Boring
Martin Kampmann: When I Beat [Shields] Up, Its Just Gonna Look Good on My Resume
Martin Kampmann: "I Don't Want to Be a Stepping Stone for Nobody"
UFC 121: Matt Hamill Not Offended by Tito Ortiz's Pre-Fight Comments About Deaf Community
Matt Hamill on Fighting Tito Ortiz + Pre-fight Rituals
Brendan Schaub Believes Win Over Gonzaga Will Make His Career
Mike Pyle: Jake's Not Good at FIghting, Jake's Good At Wrestling

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