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Dana White Hints at a WEC Announcement That Will "Blow Your Mind"

Here's an interesting nugget that you might have missed on Carmichael Dave's pound-for-pound debate with Dana White: 

I brought up the fact that Silva had the opportunity to test the 205 division when he had cleared out his 185-pound division, and since Aldo had all but done the same in the 155 division, would he also get an opportunity?

This is where Dana White puts back on his president's hat, if there is such a thing. Known for fantastic quotes, he also knows when to be coy. 

"The (expletive) we are going to do in the next year is going to blow your mind," he added. When asked if that meant anything from a WEC/UFC merger to an Edgar/Aldo superfight, he artfully dodged.

"You'll just have to sit back and watch. You have no idea the crazy (expletive) we're working on."

Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of seeing the best 145 and 135 pounders in the UFC. I actually don't know, or care, how Zuffa would do it - may it be a straight merger or by just adding extra weight classes while keeping the WEC alive - but what I do know is, the best featherweight and bantamweight fighters in world deserve the recognition, exposure, and the money, that their heavier counterparts have been enjoying.

That being said, this hint could mean absolutely anything, so let's just hope that a merger is what Dana is talking about, because as Kid Nate mentioned, it's time...


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