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Jose Aldo Reportedly Offered UFC Fight Against Kenny Florian

Photo by Dave Mandel for <a href="" target="new">Sherdog</a>.
Photo by Dave Mandel for Sherdog.

After Jose Aldo's second-round crushing of Manny Gamburyan on Sept. 30, many people have become fascinated by the idea of seeing the WEC featherweight ace jump up to 155 pounds for a fight in the UFC.

It seems the UFC brass are among that crowd, as's Eduardo Ferreira reported today:

I spoke with WEC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, and he told me he was offered a fight in the UFC in December against Kenny Florian... But he said his manager did not think a good time. "I received the proposal. I want to fight, may be in the UFC or WEC," said Aldo... He confirmed once again that his opponent must be the Mark Hominick, because the Josh Grispi fight now and just leaves the Canadian

That's no Anderson Silva-James Irvin matchmaking, as Florian would be a tall task for the young champion.

For his part, "Ken Flo" says he was never offered the bout, but wouldn't be at all opposed to meeting Aldo:

Neither myself or my mgr @malkikawa have been offered Jose Aldo but that would be a dream fight. I would take that fight with the quickness... Jose Aldo is as good as it gets & is one of the best pnd 4 pnd. Who wouldn't want to take that fight?! I'm here to fight the best.

Ultimately, it's all just fantasy matchmaking at the moment, since the only thing that seems certain right now is that Jose Aldo's next fight will be a WEC title defense against Mark Hominick, tentatively scheduled for January.

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