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UFC 120 Results: Carlos Condit Shuts Up Dan Hardy

Photo by Lee Whitehead <a href="" target="new">MMA Weekly</a>
Photo by Lee Whitehead MMA Weekly

Carlos Condit brought Dan Hardy to a stop at 4:27 of the first round.

Both fighters threw left hooks at the same second and both connected, but Hardy fell and Condit was unscathed.

Hardy came into the fight very animated and playing to the crowd. Condit answered with his trademark scowl. 

Condit came out and took center cage, scoring with a body kick to start the action. Hardy answered with leg kicks and reclaimed cage center. Then Hardy landed a powerful kick to the thigh, followed by a head kick. Condit answered with a switch kick. Hardy countered with a left hook. Nice exchanges featured both men scoring. Condit fired a punch-body kick combo. Condit fired a spinning elbow that didn't quite land. Hardy answered with two left hooks that connected. Condit landed a hard three punch combination but Hardy kept coming forward. When Condit came in next, Hardy landed a left. The crowd chanted "HARDY! HARDY!" Condit came in behind a combo featuring an uppercut. Hardy landed more left counters. Then they traded simultaneous left hooks and Condit's dropped Hardy! He followed Hardy down and the ref stopped the fight before Condit could do additional damage.

Two of the UFC's top tier welterweights,  former title challenger Dan Hardy and Carlos Condit, met in the co-headliner of UFC 120.

Hardy came into the fight looking to recover from a one-sided drubbing at the hands of champ Georges St. Pierre at UFC 111. Condit entered the fight coming off two wins over Jake Ellenberger and Rory MacDonald and looked to break into the title hunt with a win.


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