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Michael Bisping: It's Time for People to Start Fearing Me

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"I went in there with Wanderlei Silva, I've been in there with (Dan) Henderson, Rashad Evans, people like that. I've been in the ring with legends now. Now it's (time) for people to start worrying about me and fearing me. And it's time for me to become one of those guys. And I truly believe I can."

"(The Wanderlei Silva decision was) bullshit. I hit Wanderlei with a few big massive punches and there'd be no reaction from the crowd. Wanderlei would barely make contact with me, with like a slap or something, and the entire arena would burst into fits of excitement. So I think that might possibly have swayed them as well."

"I do get a lot of criticism regarding my punching power. People say I have no punching power. I think for a while there I did start backing up a bit too much. That was because I fought a lot of wrestlers back-to-back. I've got a lot more confidence in my power. I regularly spar boxers and I'm beating them at their own game."

"I need to start putting these guys away now, I've talked the talk. It's time to put up or shut up.

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