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UFC 121 Conference Call Quotes - Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez

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Cain Velasquez - "We have good wrestlers in the gym, but nobody his size and the way that he moves, definitely not. Guys that are big and have great wrestling credentials also, but definitely not his size and that's a big factor. But I'm confident in the guys that we have and the guys what we brought in."
Brock Lesnar - "What Cole Konrad brings to the fight, he's obviously an up-and-coming heavyweight star in mixed martial arts. Not only is he a NCAA heavyweight champion, I believe he's wrestled Cain Velasquez seven times. Having Cole Konrad in my training facility, there's not a lot of guys around that are his size that do what he does, and he brings a great thing to the table in the camp."

"I traveled the world, I've been to all fifty states a hundred times, I've been to thirty different countries, I've lived life on the road. I live here, I train here, and that's how I choose to train. So if I need somebody, come to my house. I don't need to get on an airplane and get away from my family. Been there, done that."

"I'm in bed by that time at night (for UFC Primetime), I'm not staying up that late to see my ugly mug on tv."
Brock Lesnar evades the immigration debate:
Cain Velasquez - "I'm against (Arizona's illegal-immigration law), definitely. Both my parents came into the United States from Mexico. (My UFC walk-in song) is a story about a man crossing the border and all the hardships..."

Brock Lesnar - "I'm all for legal immigration ... but I'm here to talk about a fight Oct. 23. I ain't got time to talk about my nationality."
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