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Brock Lesnar's Trainer Explains the Feud Between Josh Barnett and Hector Lombard

The man we saw holding pads for Brock Lesnar last night, MMA legend Erik Paulson, tells FightHubTV the reason that Bellator middleweight champ Hector Lombard called out Strikeforce heavyweight Josh Barnett after his last win (transcribed by Fight Opinion): 

ERIK PAULSON: "OK, well... Hector and Josh sparred really hard since day one here. Hector likes to throw hard, everyone knows that. He likes to spar hard, he likes to throw hard so one day him and Josh in a five-minute round turned a five-minute round of boxing into a 32-minute round of boxing and they just kept hitting each other harder and harder and basically what I did is I just sat and followed them with a mop. I mopped up all the blood because they were both bleeding. That was them, uh, full of piss and vinegar and whatever and they want to do that, it's fight practice, they're both adults, they can do that. So, uh... Hector likes to train hard, that's just his m.o. and Josh grabbed him one day and brought him in the cage when I wasn't here and I walked in and he had Hector down and he said, hey you like to go hard and Josh wouldn't let him up because Hector, they, whatever. They just have a go, so, uh... Hector never forgave him for that and so it's been bothering him and he told Josh that the reason he left here was because of that."

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