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Strikeforce: KJ Noons Says He's Going to Knock Out Nick Diaz

"(My original strategy) I trained to come forward and make (Nick Diaz) fight backwards, because he never fights backwards. He probably can’t even fight backwards. You have to be able to adjust and I am ready to adjust however he is going to fight."

"He is going to want to take me down; wear me down; try to submit me. My game play is I run up the middle, like a football player, so try to stop me."

"Tell Nick to bring my belt; same result, different day. Styles make fights."

"He is going to get knocked out. I just train all around as best as I can. When the fight happens I come with a game plan, and I am going to become victorious."
-- Check out more quotes from the Strikeforce press conference at Join us for the rematch on October 9th, live on Showtime.

Strikeforce: San Jose - Diaz vs. Noons 2 coverage

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