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WEC 46 Preview: Mike Brown Talks Anthony Morrison

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Mike_brown_vs_anthony_morrison_mediumMichael David Smith gets the interview:

On Sunday Brown will face Anthony Morrison, who has a 12-6 record and is making his WEC debut. That's a big step down from the likes of Aldo and Urijah Faber, whom Brown beat once in 2008 and again in 2009. But when I mentioned to Brown that I don't think Morrison is an elite opponent, he would have none of it.

"I don't think so," Brown said. "If you watch the tape, he's tough. In this sport you can't look past anyone. Just because he hasn't been on TV doesn't mean he's not a good fighter. I've been watching some of his fights on YouTube and I think he's really, really tough."

Brown described Morrison as a good athlete with good MMA fundamentals, and he said he thinks he's in for a real challenge on Sunday.

"He's quick, he's fast, he hits hard, he has a good double-leg takedown," Brown said of Morrison. "He does all the basic things right. He's coming off a big win, he knocked out Alvin Robinson in just a minute and he looks to me like he's improved dramatically."

I've seen Morrison fight several times live, including when he was an amateur in Fredericksburg, VA several years ago. He's got big, big power and is an extremely strong wrestler. Brown isn't exaggerating when he says the WEC-newcomer is a serious challenge.

That being said, Brown is easily the toughest fighter Morrison has faced. And Morrison has serious deficiencies in his jiu-jitsu game, something Brown should be able to take advantage of.

After the dominating loss, it's highly encouraging to see the former featherweight champion so eager to return to action. Morrison is a tough enough test at this juncture. He is the type of test that will ensure Brown's fundamentals are tight if he is to win, but offers clear openings for exploitation. I expect a challenge early before Brown takes control and regains his footing in the 145lbs division.