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The Ultimate Fighter - Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice Staff Picks

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Photo via Esther Lin/
Photo via Esther Lin/

In honor of what is, beyond a doubt, the biggest fight in the history of the series (not counting the live finale) most of the BloodyElbow staff has turned in official predictions for tonight's fight.

Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson

Luke Thomas: According to our rankings with USA Today, Nelson is ranked 20th in the world among professional heavyweights. Nelson's talents? He's strong, mostly durable, by Kimbo's standards a phenomenal grappler and has meaningful experience. And Kimbo Slice? He punches really hard. Look, it's MMA and we all know what that means, but the logical pick is Nelson. Nelson, by submission, round 2.

Kid Nate: A lot of pressure for a TUF match. Roy "Big Country" Nelson ought to be the prohibitive favorite given his strong record and grappling skills, but Kimbo Slice hits like a mofo...or at least that's the hype. I really don't think the Petruzelli fight was typical of Kimbo, I think he lost his head in the chaos of a bout day opponent switch. But I still think Nelson should dominate. Roy Nelson by decision.

Brent Brookhouse: I've never really had a problem with Kimbo but I did have very public problems with the way EXC handled him. I will be pulling for him to pick up the W, but the James Thompson fight just sticks in the back of my head as a reminder that maybe Kimbo's legendary punching power is a myth. He clearly hits hard but there are questions in my mind about how hard. Is it hard enough to keep Nelson from closing in and getting the takedown where the fight should become academic? Sadly I don't think so. Roy Nelson by TKO, round 2.

Michael Rome: Here we are predicting a fight that already happened. I predict Kimbo lands a few good shots, maybe even rocks Roy once or twice, and then gets taken down and finished in the first round. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think Kimbo is in Roy's league. Nelson via TKO from mount, round 1.

Nick Thomas: Sadly, Team Rampage is going to lose their best fighter tonight. Because there's no way I can pick against Roy Nelson, the former IFL champ. Roy Nelson can end this on the feet or on the ground. I’m talking complete and utter destruction of Kimbo… But! … by the sounds of all the interviews, I'm going to predict Kimbo lasts until the second round. From there it's Roy Nelson by TKO and belly rub.

Leland Roling: You know that I know that the fans know that someone on the inside knows that Kimbo either lost, won, or went berserk and was kicked off the show. That sentence basically sums up what every fan has gone through in the past week reading up on Kimbo vs. Nelson, but I'm going to go with analysis. Nelson has a much better ground game while Kimbo doesn't have much of a ground game. Nelson has fought with experienced strikers before, but Kimbo has some striking ability coupled with big power. I think that gives Nelson the edge along with his experience against better competition that some heavyweights in the UFC. Add that to all the talk, it sounds like Kimbo puts up a fight, but Roy ultimately wins by decision.