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Chase Beebe Not Underestimating Mike Easton at UWC: Redemption

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Steve Cofield talks to the former WEC champ:

"I’m not looking past this opponent by any means," said Beebe, whose slide has come against Miguel Torres, Joe Warren and Will Ribiero. "I gotta lot of respect for him. I’m prepared for a war. Both of us are in a position of trying to move up off of each other."

Cofield also has more on the controversial cancellation of the first scheduled Beebe vs Easton bout:

Beebe (12-4) is clearly the favorite but he’ll be testing what he says was a gimpy knee back in February. Beebe had to pull out of his initial fight with Easton on Feb. 21. There was controversy surrounding that first fight. It appeared that Beebe was looking past Easton, to another fight scheduled for DREAM in Japan, less than three weeks later. Beebe never made it to Fairfax. A UWC press release said he no-showed:

Justin Robbins stepped up on short notice and was choked out by Easton. Beebe said it was simply a case of miscommunication. Because of the knee injury, he didn’t think the weight cut to 135 pounds was possible. Beebe said that he asked to fight at 145 and the Easton camp refused to budge, wanting a title fight at the original weight. As far as him missing the weigh-in, Beebe said it was all miscommunication on the part of his manager Monte Cox and UWC officials.

Beebe allegedly sustained a knee injury that hampered his training and ability to reduce his weight to the contractually-set limit of 135 pounds. However, the former WEC champion failed to provide medical records regarding his injury and did not appear at today’s official weigh-in, resulting in the UWC finding a last-minute replacement.

I have to say as a huge Mike Easton fan that I am very worried about Chase Beebe. If Beebe arrives in shape, his wrestling and ground and pound could be a world of trouble for Easton. Easton's got a big power edge on the feet and might be the better jiu jitsu player, but Beebe should have a bid advantage in the takedown phase of the game.

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