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BJ Penn's Scorched Earth Tactics

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Bjpennsuit_mediumBJ Penn may claim to be ready for his fight this weekend, but a new Kevin Iole piece suggests Georges St. Pierre is still the main thing on his mind:

Penn said he believes St. Pierre uses steroids, though he concedes he has no proof. St. Pierre is arguably the sport’s most popular fighter and Penn knows that making such allegations isn’t going to win him any friends.

Penn, though, isn’t the type to be shy about offering his opinion though it may be unpopular.

"It’s just my opinion that he uses steroids," Penn said. "That’s it.  My opinion. I do believe it. I can’t hand you any proof, but that’s my opinion."

The worst part is that this allegation is used as an example of the fact that Penn is willing to say unpopular things because he has strong convictions.  Penn's raging jealousy and bitterness can't be contained, and he is now resorting to simply making random allegations that he admits he can't prove.  

I hoped that a strong performance from Penn this weekend would hope him rehab his image.  Instead he still has a bunch of yes-men, including his attorney telling him what an amazing guy he is for standing up for what he believes in.  Here's a hint: it's only honorable to say unpopular things if they are actually true.  

With no real strong contenders at 170 on the horizon after St. Pierre crushes the Swick/Kampmann winner, a third fight with BJ Penn is a serious possibility.  He'll probably have to beat a contender at 170, which I think he can do, but I believe we will eventually see a third fight.  

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