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MMA Nation Rewind: Jens Pulver Talks WEC Folding Into UFC, John Dodson Sizes Up Pat Runez and More

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Clearly my main card predictions for UFC 102 needed work, but the show this past weekend was nevertheless entertaining. Here's the rundown:

- I open the show with discussion of M-1's Breakthrough event and Mo Lawal's hilarious post-fight interview comment.

- We take calls on M-1, Fedor and more in the second segment.

- Out of nowhere, UFC legend and WEC featherweight Jens "Lil' Evil" Pulver joins the show. He talks candidly about his time away from the cage, dealing with anxiety and depression and offers his thoughts on the WEC potentially folding into the UFC.

- In hindsight I can see the error in my judgment, but I discuss Couture vs. Nogueira and why I thought Couture was going to win.

- John "The Magician" Dodson talks about his upcoming fight with Pat Runez at UWC 7: Redemption, being discovered in Chuckee Cheese and why Keith Jardine and Rashad Evans don't like sparring with him.

- More UFC 102 breakdown here and here.

- A more detailed breakdown of Vera vs. Soszynski (the one main card prediction I got correct) with my producer Othello here. We get into a little Fedor vs. Rogers as well.

- Show wrap-up.