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Dana White Press Conference Live Updates

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We'll be providing live updates from the Dana White press conference today via this post.  You can also follow along with Luke Thomas' updates via the official MMA Nation Twitter account.

The press conference starts at 2:00pm EST.  Make sure to stay at for what should be big news.

- We're under way.  Dana had said this would stream on but no one can find it so follow our updates here.

- Dana says they tried everything possible to get Fedor in the UFC and went above and beyond, the only thing they wouldn't cave on is co-promotion.

- Dana White confirms that they have signed Vitor Belfort.  Belfort will fight Rich Franklin at UFC 103.

- A 3 year deal has been signed with ESPN UK.  Free, Hi-Def starting with UFC 101

- Tito Ortiz is officially back in the UFC.  Dana White says "Tito will retire in the UFC"

- Tito: "Time cures everything. Dana apologized to me....It was about competition...financially I'm ok...Dana stuck by his word."

- Ortiz states that there was no one to fight if he went to Strikeforce and that he feels totally healthy.

- Tito is working with Freddie Roach and says he expects to fight in November or December.

- It is confirmed that Vitor vs. Franklin will be at light heavyweight (205 lbs)

- White confirms Tito's first fight back could be against Mark Coleman and expects some ring rust.

- Dana says they are always working to complete a network deal but need "the right deal" which they don't yet have.

- Tito says it was an offer he couldn't refuse and you'll never hear him complain about money again.

- Dana claims that Dan Henderson is next in line for a title shot at 185.

- From

White: M-1's going to "co-promote"? They're going to help US? "That shit probably works in Russia. Not here."

- Dana says the UFC is going to come to Japan and it "can't be stopped"

- White says that no one wants to watch Mayweather vs. Marquez, they want to see Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

- Dana says he has no interest in bringing back Tim Sylvia or Andrei Arlovski.

- White claims that M-1 can call him right now if they're ready to make a deal.  He was very confident this was going to happen.

- Again from MMA Nation's twitter:

White: the deal that White said "would change the UFC forever" is "very close" to happening and NOT the Tito Ortiz deal.

- White claims they were willing to make a deal at almost any cost to get Fedor but he doesn't want to fight the best.

- Dana says he feels it is his job to make Fedor/Lesner a reality since it is what fans want.  And Fedor can do sambo every Thursday night for all he cares.

- White confirms that if they get a network deal they're putting "real fights" on TV.

- The call is over