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Affliction Cancels Trilogy Event

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Fedor_barnett_mediumAnd the hits just keep on coming:

In a matter of days Affliction Entertainment's "Trilogy" event when from promising the top heavyweight fight in mixed martial arts to being cancelled outright, multiple sources confirmed to Friday morning.

Affliction Entertainment vice president began making calls with the news Friday morning to fighters scheduled to appear on the Aug. 1 card, has learned.

We don't yet know if this is a similiar situation to the "Day of Reckoning" event where the cancellation eventually helped out the endeavor by putting it on more helpful soil. So, stay tuned to find out if a) there is a re-scheduling and b) when and with which fighters.

Somewhere Dana White is playing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" on his fiddle.

Affliction's woes since their beginning are a fresh reminder of how difficult it is to make large-scale, meaningful fights happen. It's not just that you have to have the competent, organizational machinery in place, you also have to get lucky. And when you don't get lucky, you have to have major resources to pick up the pieces. I admire Affliction's willingness to try to create some substantive, value-add MMA, but I do not envy the responsibiltiies of the task.


Official Affliction Press Release



Affliction Trilogy Cancelled


Seal Beach, California (July 24, 2009) – The highly anticipated fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Josh Barnett at the Affliction Trilogy MMA show has been cancelled. The mega fight was scheduled to take place at the Honda Center in Anaheim on August 1st.  The unforeseen license denial of Josh Barnett gave Affliction limited time to find a replacement and adequately promote the new main event.


“Finding an opponent for the number one ranked MMA heavy weight champion in such a short period of time was a huge endeavor and I’m thrilled at the amount of fighters willing to take on this challenge,” said Tom Atencio, vice president of Affliction Entertainment. “But in the end, we just didn’t have enough time to promote a new fight to our standards.”


Affliction is deeply disappointed that the under card is also cancelled through no fault of its own. Affliction stands behind the company’s brands and delivers premium products to the most passionate and loyal customers. Affliction’s first priority is to ensure that all future events live up to the company’s high standards.


Ticket holders for the canceled event should contact Ticketmaster or for a refund.