Best Idea to get Fedor into the UFC

An individual posted this idea on a different website and I felt that this was a great idea. I was hoping to get your thoughts on it.

"Numerous sticking points have been reported as complicating the negotiations between the UFC and Fedor Emelianenko. One issue is that M-1 Global wants additional Red Devil fighters brought to the UFC along with Emelianenko. Also, Emelianenko wants to continue Sambo competitions. Of course, there's also the obvious multi-fight deal required by the UFC as well. The best solution appears to be a U.S. vs. Russia season of "The Ultimate Fighter," which would provide Emelianenko with massive publicity in the U.S., and Red Devil fighters would have the opportunity to prove themselves and earn contracts. UFC president Dana White would have to compromise on the Sambo competitions, and Emelianenko would have to compromise on accepting a multi-fight deal. Further details would obviously have to be worked out, but I see this as the best win/win situation for both parties. Either Brock Lesnar or Randy Couture could be the U.S. coach leading up to a grand season-ending superfight that will interest hardcore and casual fans alike."

I personally felt that Randy should be the coach being as this was part of the agreement for him coming back to the UFC. (they try to make a fight between him and Fedor happen.) Also, Randy would make a great team USA coach being as he used to be a US olympic wrestler. Randy also has much more experience in the fight game than Brock Lesnar and would have much more to offer to the team in my opinion. Thoughts?

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