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WEC 41: Mike Brown vs. Urijah Faber - Live Results and Commentary

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Wec_41_medium As with every major show we'll be here to bring you live results and commentary for WEC 41: Mike Brown vs. Urijah Faber.  The live blog will start with the beginning of the Versus broadcast so be sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

As always we ask that you respect the golden rule of NO SPOILERS!  So, join me for the show and share your thoughts as the event unfolds.

While you wait for the show why not check out the rest of our WEC 41: Brown vs Faber II coverage?

The Versus broadcast has started.  First fight up shortly.

Josh Grispi vs. Jens Pulver - Round 1 -Pulver with a body kick and now Grispi with one of his own and a right hand.  Pulcer with a takedown and lands right in a deep arm-in guillotine and despite putting up a valiant fight Pulver is forced to tap out.  He is heartbroken as is the norm these days.  Josh Grispi wins by submission (guillotine choke), round 1.

Jens says that he started there and wants to retire there so he said he is done.  It's time honestly, the crowd gives him a great reaction.  Good for Jens.  Actually now he says he may not be done but it sounds like he is.  We'll see.

James Krause vs. Donald Cerrone - 30 minutes in, we've had 30 seconds of fights and we're about to go to a pre-fight commercial. (36 minutes in and the fight starts)  Round 1 - Body kick from Cerrone and Krause tries for a takedown but Cerrone avoids.  Now a takedown by Krause.  Cerrone with a triangle attempt into an omoplata but can't get it.  Another takedown by Krause and Cerrone with an omoplata again, this one is much deeper and Krause rolls out and pulls guard.  Ground and pound from Cerrone now.  Krause works a sub but cant get it, then uses a leg lock attempt to sweep and they're back to standing.  High kick from Krause misses.  James looks like he is gassing a little bit here.  Cerrone with a few punches.  Single leg attempt from Krause and now Cerrone grabs a guillotine but lets go and lands a knee.  Left, right combo drops Krause.  Cerrone takes his back now and is working to finish with a choke.  Abandons it and starts to work strikes fromt he back.  Back to the choke and it is deep, forcing Krause to tap out.  Donald Cerrone wins by submission (rear naked choke), round 1.

Scott Jorgensen vs. Antonio Banuelos  - Undercard action here.  Round 1- Banuelos with some big shots and Jorgensen is hurt badly.  Now a takedown by Banuelos.  Jorgensen stands up but eats some punches in the process.  Jorgensen keeps wincing for some reason.  More big shots from Antonio whenever Scott throws one.  Banuelos connecting again with big combinations and he looks really sharp.  Jorgensen with a nice knee to the body and the round ends.  10-9 Banuelos on the bloodyelbow scorecard.  Round 2 - Another right hand from Banuelos who is featuring some really good hand speed.  Banuelos drops his head down and almost gets caught in a choke but he is fine.  Jorgensen with a flurry of uppercuts but Banuelos gets space and lands another right hand. Right hand, right uppercut from Scott lands flush.  A few more flurries but Jorgensen is starting to catch up a little bit.  Two punch combo finished with a body kick.  Another few punches as the round ends and it was a closer round.  10-9 Banuelos for a total of 20-18 for me.  Round 3 - They're trading shots.  Banuelos goes for a single leg and almost gets caught in a guillotine but circles out and they're back to standing.  Jorgensen lands and now a left and right from Banuelos.  This is a really good fight.  Banuelos is slowing down and Jorgensen is landing more now.  Huge knee from Jorgensen and now a big right from Antonio.  They exchange and both men land repeatedly.  Scramble now and Jorgensen has Banuelos' back.  Now sinks in the choke for a second but couldn't finish it.  Banuelos stands up with 35 seconds remaining.  Single leg and Jorgensen is on top.  Banuelos is bleeding and the fight is over.  10-9 round for Jorgensen and I have it 29-28 Banuelos.  Official Scorecards: 29-28 Banuelos, 29-28 Jorgensen, 29-28 Banuelos.  Antonio Banuelos wins by split decision.  Absolutely great fight.  Awesome, awesome stuff.

Jose Aldo vs. Cub Swanson - Round 1 - Um...flying knee from Aldo and Swanson is down.  A few more punches and it's all over.  10 second KO there.  Jose Aldo wins by KO, round 1.  ...yikes.  Dude is a finisher.

Rolando Perez vs. Seth Dikun - More undercard action.  Round 1  - Dikun jumps into a triangle early in the round.  Finally after a long period in the choke Perez was forced to tap out.  Seth Dikun wins by submission (triangle choke), round 1.

Mike Campbell vs. Anthony Pettis- Round 1 - Pettis grabs a deep guillotine and Campbell slams to get out of it, so Pettis grabs an armbar but again Campgell escapes.  Finally Pettis is able to force a tap.  Anthony Pettis wins by submission, round 1.

Mike Brown vs. Urijah Faber for the WEC Featherweight Championship - Round 1 - Body kick misses for Faber.  High kick now that misses as Brown is trying to close distance.  Brown gets underhooks as they clinch up.  Elbow by Brown and he separates.  High kick by Faber lands.  Quick two punch combo by Faber now.  Left hook lands for Brown (who is cut) and Faber almost grabs a guillotine but Brown is in side control.  Brown gets the back but Faber stands up.  Now Brown is landing knees from standing back control.  Overhand right from Brown.  Both men hit right hands.  High kick by Faber and Brown sweeps his leg out from under him.  Brown on top in side control.  Faber gets to his knees and Brown starts landing shots as they stand up.  10-9 round for Faber but it was very close.  Round 2- Brown flurries with Faber against the fence and lands some good shots.  Right hand from Brown and he takes Faber down.  Elbows the ribs now.  Elbow to the face.  Brown just working to control the ground fight.  They stand and Brown lands shots from standing back control and gets another takedown.  Faber reverses and they're back to standing still with Faber's back pushed against the cage.  Really good fight so far.  Right hand by Urijah lands.  Jab by Brown.  Left hook by Mike.  Standing back control for Brown and an uppercut lands for him as they separate.  10-9 round fro Brown evens up the fight on my card.  Round 3 - Body shot by Faber lands.  Elbow by Faber and they go to the ground with Brown looking for a guillotine.  It forces Urijah to give up position and now Faber gives his back up.  Brown is just landing punches now but Faber stands up.  Knee for Faber lands.  Left hand by Faber is blocked.  Clinching against the cage again and as they go to the ground Faber briefly is on top.  Now Brown grabs a heel hook but they stand up again.  Faber may have a broken right hand.  Right hand by Brown catches Faber as he threw a leg kick.  Faber is only working elbows now and his left hand may be broken as well.  The round ends and I have it 10-9 for Brown again making it 29-28 Brown.  Round 4 - They played between rounds audio of Faber saying his hand is broken.  Right hand by Brown now.  Flurry of uppercuts in the clinch by Brown.  Punches land for Brown and Urijah looks hurt (and is throwing open hand strikes).  They're slowing down as both guys are tired.  Elbows by Urijah in the clinch.  Body shot by Brown hurts Faber now and he backs up.  Brown is starting to take over the round a little here in the last 2 minutes.  Faber is hampered by the broken hand so he just can't use all the tools he wants to.   10-9 Brown to make it 39-37 on my card.  Round 5 - Jab by Brown.  Body kick by Faber.  Takedown by Brown.  Mike now takes the back but Faber stands up again.  Left hook by Brown.  Brown is pushing Faber against the fence.  Urijah tries for a guillotine but gets slammed.  Brown with a few punches on the ground and they go back to standing.  Left hook lands again fro Brown.  Brown ducks under and elbow and gets a takedown.  Again Faber gives up his back and stands up.  Brown still has his back standing.  Oh my god! Faber grabs a deep choke with about two minutes left but he has to let go.  Back to standing and Brown has him against the fence.  Brown with a nice double-leg that should clinch the round for him.  Elbow by Faber and time expires.  10-9 Brown again and I had it 49-46.  It'd take robbery for this to not be a win for Brown.  Official Scorecards: 49-46 x2, 48-47.  Mike Brown wins by unanimous decision.