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UFC 100 Preview: Mac Danzig vs. Jim Miller

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Mac Danzig talks to
"I put a lot of pressure on myself leading up to that Neer fight... Looking back at it, maybe I shouldn’t have put so much pressure on myself. Going into this one, let’s face it, it’s do or die for me."

"I’m facing an extremely tough guy. It’s a tough fight because Miller's one of those guys where he doesn’t really have a big name in the sport yet because he hasn’t got a chance to show what he’s all about against guys on a main card. People from the main stream fans that don’t really follow the sport closely probably expect me to win and it’s a tough situation."
Jim Miller talks to
"I’m coming off one loss, Danzig's coming off two. If I was coming off another loss in a row I’d definitely be really fired up to go out there and whoop some ass..."

"I know Danzig's dangerous everywhere. He’s probably one of the better guys everywhere that I’ve fought. He definitely has a great (submission) game and he’s got very solid hands, so he’s a threat wherever the fight leads. I just look at it as I want tough fights. That’s what I want, that’s why I’m here. The Gray (Maynard) fight was my third fight in the UFC and I’m fighting a top contender, in a matter of months. It’s where I think I belong and it’s where I want to stay."
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